Blue cheese pasta sauce

We sometimes make a variant of this with loads of blue cheese and sour cream, which makes it really rich. This was a a quick mid-week dinner before I dashed off to play badminton, so needed to be less heavy but still tasty. It ended up as a normal cheese sauce with a bit of blue cheese added for flavour. As ever, substitute any cheese or other green veg…

Serves 2

An onion
1 clove garlic
Olive oil
Blue cheese (to taste – I used a thin, flat piece about half the size of my palm)
Hard cheese (I used 3 slices, finely chopped, of gruyere)
1/3 pint milk
2 heaped dessert spoons flour
Glug white wine
Frozen peas

Peel, slice and fry the onion over a gentle heat. Use a little bit more oil than you normally would because it’s going to replace butter in your white sauce.  Add the finely chopped garlic and cook for a couple of mins. Add white wine to cover the onions and turn the heat up, letting the wine bubble away. Put your pasta on to boil in another pan.

Take the pan of sauce off the heat and add the flour then a splash of milk, and stir to form a smooth pasta. Add the rest of the milk slowly and stir well. Return to the heat and stir until it begins to thickened. Add roughly chopped cheeses and stir to melt.

Add frozen peas to the cooking pasta, and cook for another 2-3mins. Drain, and then add pasta and peas to the thickened sauce.

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