Butternut squash and chestnut wellington

I’m calling this a wellington, but it’s really a giant pasty full of tasty things…

You will need (serves 8, with roast potatoes and green beans):
2 medium butter squash
1 bulb garlic
2 tins vac-packed chestnuts (or double handful of fresh, shelled chestnuts)
Olive oil
Red pesto
About 10 “sunblush” tomatoes
2 sheets puff pastry
A little milk
A goat’s cheese

Pre-heat oven to gas mark 7. Cut the squash into large chunks and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Roast in a little oil, liberally sprinkled with herbs, for about 20mins. Add the garlic cloves  and chestnuts, and roast for another 30mins until the chestnuts are crunchy and the squash is easily pierced with a sharp knife. Leave to cool.

Smoosh the garlic cloves out of their skins, and mix with a couple of teaspoons of red pesto. Lightly grease a baking sheet large enough to hold an unrolled sheet of pastry. Lay one sheet across the whole baking tray, and spread with the roast garlic and pesto mixture. Peel the squash and cut into bite-sized chunks. Roughly chop the chestnuts. Mix them together with finely chopped tomatoes and a little of the cooking oil, then lay out on the pastry sheet with a small (1cm) border round the edges. Dot with goat’s cheese. Brush the edges of the pastry with milk and lay the second sheet on top. Press the edges down firmly and then brush the whole thing with milk. Cut steam holes in the top and bake for about half an hr until risen and golden brown. We had ours with roast potatoes (they’ll need a head start in the oven before the wellington goes in) and steamed green beans.

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