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A week’s worth of meals

I did some food writing before Christmas for a large recipe website, and because I got paid by the recipe (with photo) …


Apple crumble muffins

Having discovered that muffins are ridiculously easy to make, I am now planning various experiments with flavours. These ones were made the …


Mixed berry muffins

These have surprisingly little butter and sugar in them, making them a reasonably healthy version of shop-bought muffins. Obviously, you could add …


Cinnamon buns

Makes approximately 20 buns. 450g self-raising flour 300g bread flour 100g caster sugar 2tsp live yeast, activated in about 1/4 pint warm …

Finished burrito with coffees and juice.

Guest post: Breakfast Burritos

The boyfriend here. This is something that I make for Eleanor which she seems to really like. I think “burrito” is pushing …