Poached pears in spiced red wine, with panettone and walnut cinnamon praline

I have just eaten this and I am so fat and happy…

You will need:
Red wine
A panettone
Orange juice
Ginger in syrup
Cinnamon stick
Lemon peel
Brown sugar
Ground cinnamon

Peel the pears, quarter them and core them. Put them in a pan, and add enough red wine to just cover them, along with the cinnamon stick, lemon peel, a splash of orange juice, and some chopped crystalised ginger. Poach very gently until the pears are tender. Lift the pears out of the liquid. Discard the peel and cinnamon stick, turn the heat up and boil the liquid until it reduced by about half.

Meanwhile, melt brown sugar in a pan with a splash of water over a very gentle heat. Add a heaped teaspoon of ground cinnamon and stir. Cook gently until bubbling, and scrape the sugar crystals down the sides of the pan with a teaspoon.

Once the mixture had formed a thick caramel sauce (i.e. all of the sugar crystals have melted and it’s smooth and bubbling away), add chopped walnuts, and quickly stir them in. Pour the whole mixture on an oiled piece of greaseproof paper and spread out into a thin layer. Leave to cool and harden.

Try not to eat all the nuts at this stage…

Cut slices of panettone and layer the poached pears on top. Bake at 180 degrees for about 10-15mins, until the panettone is crisp round the edges and the pears are started to caramelise.

Serve with the reduced poaching liquid (just a little as it’s very sweet) and the walnuts, and perhaps some creme fraiche.

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