Sweet potato falafel

A friend of mine on Twitter posted a few months ago about having sweet potato falafel for dinner, and I was insanely jealous and asked for the recipe. He admitted that they were Linda McCartney, from a packet. Humph. All the recipes I found online just had sweet potatoes in, but I don’t think it counts as a falafel if there are no chickpeas. So, I made up a mix, and it seemed to work. Makes enough for 3.

You will need:
Can of chickpeas
One large-ish sweet potato
An onion (red or white)
Garlic (I used two massive cloves)
Ground coriander
Fresh coriander
Chilli powder/flakes
An egg
Lemon or a lime

Heat oven to about 200 degrees/gas 6 or 7.

Peel and dice the sweet potato. Boil with the chickpeas until soft. Either mash with a potato masher, a fork or a blender (I used a hand blender and sort of pulsed it) until as smooth or coarse as you like. I left lumps of whole chickpeas in ours. While spud is boiling, finely slice and fry onion in a little oil. Add the finely chopped/crushed garlic towards the end, along with teaspoon of cumin, teaspoon of ground coriander and as much chilli are you like – I am a massive wimp so used about quarter teaspoon very hot chilli powder. Mix onions etc into chickpeas etc, along with a beaten egg, lots of fresh coriander and the juice of the lemon or lime. Taste it, as the potatoes soak up flavour, and mine were a bit bland. Mix in just enough flour so that you can shape it into sticky patties without all of the mix ending up on your hands. Mine were still pretty sticky. Bake patties on an oiled baking tray for about 20-25mins, flipping over half way. You could also fry them, should you so wish.

Serve hot or cold with any/all of pitta, humous, tahini, diced tomatoes, spinach, salad…

Some sweet potato falafel on a beige place with salad, humous and tomato
Sweet potato falafel, not from the 70s…

The falafel plus the beige plates (which belonged to my parents once upon a time) make it look horrifically 70s and wholesome, but it was very tasty! The next time I made them, I rolled them in sesame seeds before baking.


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