Veggie burritos with black beans, and lime and coriander rice

We’re both big fans of Mission Burrito and Benito’s Hat, so decided to recreate their veggie burrito at home.

You will need:
2 red onions
2 white onions
Chilli and/or chipotle powder
3 limes
Can black beans
White wine
4 cloves garlic
Big bunch coriander
Ground cumin
Ground coriander
Cheese (optional)
Sour cream/yoghurt (optional)
Guacamole (optional)

Mince and gently fry a white onion and all the garlic in a little oil with a tsp or two of cumin and coriander. Add a splash of white wine and the juice of half a lime. Cook the wine off a bit and then add the drained and rinsed beans. Cover with hot stock (or chicken broth if you prefer) and cook for about 20mins. Roughly mash the beans with a fork or potato masher, or roughly blend with a hand blender. You don’t want them to be soup, but you do want some of the beans blended into the sauce to make it thick and creamy. Taste, and add salt/lime if necessary. They’ll sit quite happily on a low heat for up to an hour.

(No image as they are not very pretty!)

Cook the rice with a whole lime juiced into the water. When it’s just tender, drain, fluff with a fork and stir through the juice of a whole lime and a double handful of chopped fresh coriander.

De-seed and slice the peppers into the strips. Peel the remaining three onions and slice into strips. Fry the onion gently in a little oil with chilli powder and/or chipotle powder to taste and a good pinch of sugar, until soft and sticky. Add the peppers and cook until just hot through but still a bit crunchy. Stir in a handful of chopped coriander.

Spoon rice, veg and black beans onto a wrap with guacamole, cheese and or/yoghurt, to taste. If you like, top with salsa and cheese and bake until crispy, but we had them unbaked this time. Leave out the cheese/yoghurt for a vegan/dairy-free version.

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